Saber usage instructions

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Distinct features of your Lightsaber

The ultimate Saber comes with a lot of features that you will surely enjoy. Some of the features include a duel-ready blade, automatic flash-on, LED-powered light, and an efficient sound system.

  • High physical strength for long-lasting duels
  • Automatic flash-on clash for realistic lightsaber duels
  • LED-powered light and excellent sound volume
  • Detachable battery and blade- use the tools provided to open the hilt grip
  • High sensitivity to swing and clash sounds
  • Direct combination of two blades to form a double-bladed saber (Saber-staff)

Lightsaber activation and deactivation

Let’s get started!

In order to turn on your lightsaber, just press the button and hold it down for half a second until you sense a disturbance in the force, I mean vibration, and release. Voilà! It is on!

Wanna take a break from duty?

Simply press and hold down the button and wait for the blade to flash 3 times /alternatively: wait for 3 seconds/. Release. Your lightsaber is turned off. Well done, sabermaster!


Lightsaber Effects Overview

Here comes the fun part! The special effects!

  1. Blaster deflection effect: These damn drоids! In order to deflect their attacks, just tap the button on the hilt. You can do this multiples times!

*Every tap will activate a new light pulsation mode which there are 6 of. It is up to you which one you like the most!

  1. Saber Lock-up-Loop: Hold the button until it flashes once and then release. Tap the button once again. Time to cut through that metal door Qui-Gon style! Tap the button again to deactivate the effect.
  2. Colour change: Hold down the button until the blade flashes two times, then release it and immeadiately press it and hold it, the lightsaber will automatically start cycling through all the colours. Wow, so many! Once you decide which colour suits you best, release the button. What is it going to be today- Jedi or Sith?

Additional special effects!

  1. Sound Fonts: For the different sound fonts to be activated, your lightsaber has to be turned off first (hold down the button for 3 seconds/flashes). While it is off, press the button until it flashes once and then turn the lightsaber back on (quick tap). The interface (the SaberMasters Alexa) will let you know which font you have selected. Repeat the process to activate the next sound fonts!
  2. Sound Volume: In order to turn up/down the volume, hold down the button for 3 flashes (while the lightsaber is on) and then press the button again. The volume level will start changing. Just release the button when the desired level is reached. It’s like the battle of Geonosis in here!
  3. Mute Mode: Turn off your lightsaber and then hold down the button until it flashes two times. Then activate it. Repeat the same steps to unmute your lightsaber. Shh, you will wake up Baby Yoda!

If there is a function or controls that you are facing any difficulties with, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful customer service and we will immediately help you out.

What are you waiting for, sabermaster? Destiny awaits us!