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Click here to watch a video explaining how to use the Ultimate Saber and its functions

The ultimate Saber comes with a lot of features that you will surely enjoy. Some of the features include a duel-ready blade, automatic flash-on, LED-powered light, and an efficient sound system.

To discover the features that make the Ultimate Saber the number one choice for dueling, check this article out.

Distinct features of Saber

  • High physical strength for long-lasting duels
  • Automatic flash-on clash for realistic lightsaber duels
  • LED-powered light and excellent sound volume
  • Detachable battery and blade- use the tools provided to open the hilt grip
  • High sensitivity to swing and clash sounds
  • Direct combination of two blades to form a double-bladed saber(Saber-staff)


How to effectively use your Saber


Activation of the Saber


  • By default, the Saber is usually in a safe/sleep mode
  • To power the Saber, press the power button for 10 seconds, it will automatically come on
  • Press the button located on the hilt; the Saber will come on
  • Click and hold on the power button located on the hilt, and the Saber will go off


   Effects Activation (The Saber must be on)


  • To on the sound, click on the button. You will notice a sound that can be likened to a deflected blaster bolts.
  • To activate the lock-up pop, press the button down for a second, unleash the button, and then click on the button once
  • Once there is a clash, the Saber automatically radiates white light. The LED-powered light makes the light bright and also gives the duel an appealing color. Whenever the blade clashes with other things, the Saber automatically makes a sound that makes it suitable for cosplay battle.


Color selection


Just like Joseph’s robe, our Saber comes with many colors. To change the color, follow the following process:

  • Place your finger on the button for an average of 3.5 seconds and then release
  • The Saber has up to 10 colors. To navigate through the colors, click on the button, you will see the colors changing
  • Once you see your desired color, pin the button down for 3-4 seconds.
  • With its inherent ability to change colors, you don’t need to pay to alter your saber crystal or upgrade it electronically. Our Saber has been designed to give you your desired color.



  • To change from one sound to another, ensure that your Saber is turned off
  • Click and pin the button down until you hear your desired sound.
  • To change from one sound effect to another, do the above exercise again. Each sound effect has its unique confirmation sound