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Hello There! 

We are Blagovest and Viktor, the team behind SaberMasters. For as long as we have been Star Wars fans, we’ve enjoyed acting out our favorite scenes and dueling with lightsabers. With that has come the frustration of triumphant moments ruined by a broken saber compounded by suppliers who were reluctant to respond to feedback from us, the fans. They’re willing to take our money but never listen to our attempts at communication.     

We wanted the best quality sabers and it became clear that only fans would listen to other fans and provide what fans want, so we had to do it ourselves. Fortunately, we had the high ground. We would apply our training as marketologists and knowledge of business to bring the highest quality sabers to the community with the best service in the Galaxy.   

A New Hope   

The result of our efforts has been high-quality lightsabers that complement every Star Wars costume and battle reenactment. And yet, it surpassed our dreams — over 10,000 orders, most of them for two sabers, meaning some 15-20,000 fans have trusted our product. What is even more extraordinary than this number is the imagination and resourcefulness of our customers who find the most inventive of ways to use the sabers (and look awesome doing it). 

Since we are part of the Star Wars community, we value communication above all (yes, even above — *gasp* — the Force) and will always be here to talk you through everything — how to order your saber, how to wield it like a Master, and even how to return it if you have a bad feeling about it. 

We cannot teach you the ways of the Force, but we promise to supply you with the perfect weapon to channel it. 

May the Force be with you! 

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