Introducing the most revolutionary sabers in the whole Galaxy.


Feel like a real Jedi.

The SaberMasters™ Light Saber is unlike any other saber on the market. Don't get tied into one colour and have to pay to upgrade your saber. With 11 colours and 6 different sound options to choose from, this is the only saber you need to stand out at any cosplay event!

The ultimate duelling experience.

Crafted from the same polycarbonate used in riot shields, the saber blades will be able to withstand even the most intense duels. The hilt is made from highest quality aircraft aluminum to give you the perfect weight distribution so that you always destroy your opponents! The Force is Strong with this one.

What our customers are saying:

"After looking at several options from other companies this by far was the best value with the included options. Other products increase substantially for every addition such as the multicolored effects or sound itself. I bought this for my son and he was amazed by all the features and I was amazed at how much I saved... may even pick up a second one for me."
- George M.

"I bought this saber to complete my Vader costume. The color is fantastic and waaaaay better that the cheap ones that you can buy. The color change and sound functions worked great, although I mainly used RED (for the obvious reason). I figure paying a little more for the multiple color saber is worth it as it can be used for other costumes in the future."
- Michael D.

"Worth every penny. I bought two of them for my husband and I. They are very durable and can actually have a decent battle with them. Great for settling marriage disagreements. We just battle it out now haha"
- Jenny P.

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We offer a 1 year warranty on our sabers, meaning we will replace anything that breaks within 1 year so that you never stop duelling!

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