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Feel like a real Jedi.

The SaberMasters™ Light Saber is unlike any other saber on the market. Don't get tied into one colour and have to pay to upgrade your saber. With 11 colours and 6 different sound options to choose from, this is the only saber you need to stand out at any cosplay event!

All the features you need to destroy your opponent.

The ultimate duelling experience.

Crafted from the same polycarbonate used in riot shields, the saber blades will be able to withstand even the most intense duels. The hilt is made from highest quality aircraft aluminum to give you the perfect weight distribution so that you always destroy your opponents! The Force is Strong with this one.

What our customers are saying:

"When I saw those sabers, I was not convinced especially because there where only 17 reviews. I'm super happy I decided to buy two sabers with the offer of getting one for free and they are incredible. The light is amazing and making it a double bladed saber is super cool. I'm going to release a review on youtube of these sabers you will probably found it if you search for Peter Grave or Petersora4 (two of my names on the platform and other platforms). Would highly recommend. Oh and customer service for me was amazing. Again, shout out to Ven Coles."
- Peter G.

" I had been looking to buy a lightsaber for quite sometime, but I wasn't sure with who I should buy one from. Then I saw an add on Facebook from this company that instantly caught my eye for a buy one get one free lightsaber. This is the only lightsaber making company that I've seen to have such a great deal as this one. I received my sabers on 1/27/2021 and it truly was magical when I ignited my lightsabers in a dark room for the first time and saw the blue light come on. When you buy two sabers, you'll get sent a free connecter to combine the sabers into a saber staff. However, let me share a warning about this connecter. When I was adding the connecter to the pommel of one of my lightsabers, I tried to see if I could unscrew it from the lightsaber I connected it to and my index finger got cut in the process. It wasn't a very serious cut, it was only a few small scratches. When you add the connecter to whichever lightsaber you choose, it does not come out. Do not try to unscrew it from the lightsaber that you connected it to, it will cut you! Also the little, black cap that's on the end of the blades fits over the connecter perfectly and it will provide some protection if want to use double sabers. When you want to connect your sabers into a staff, take of the cap off and screw both lightsaber together."
- Joshua H.

"I took advantage of the 'buy one get one free' offer! They have a stunning design with vibrant colours for the blade, came with a connector free to turn into a double lightsaber! Extremely helpful customer service, polite and friendly, with great delivery time!"
- Gary B.

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