My Biggest Fear Was Becoming a Reality... How Am I Going To Connect With My Grandchildren So They Love Me?!

One Day a Simple Toy Changed Everything...

By Liam Collins | Sep 18, 2023 | 11:45 am EDT

I was desperate…

I’ve always wanted a strong family bond with my kids and my grandchildren.

You see, these days, it's like the world has changed.

Back when I was younger, we'd sit together, talk, and share stories.

But now, it feels like everyone's staring at screens all the time.

It's tough for us grandparents – we want to be close to our grandkids, to know what's going on in their lives...

I want to create memories that they'll carry with them.

But when they visit, they're so engrossed in those gadgets.

It's like they're in a different world, and it hurts.

My wife and I are left wondering if we're not interesting enough if they don't want to spend time with us anymore...

We worry that they won't remember the moments we've shared, and that's a heavy feeling to carry.

We tried so many things – from teaching them card games we used to play as kids to sharing stories about our own childhood adventures.

My wife, Gracie, even tried baking cookies with them, hoping that the kitchen magic would spark conversations.

But as much as we tried, something always seemed off.

The card games didn't hold their attention; they were more engrossed in their screens.

Our stories, once cherished, were met with polite nods, but not much more.

Even the baking adventure ended up with them glued to their devices, occasionally offering a half-hearted comment.

It was tough, you know?

We put so much effort into creating these moments, hoping they would weave threads of connection between us.

But instead, those threads felt frayed, almost like the more we tried, the wider the gap became.

Our grandkids seemed uninterested, even bored, and that left us feeling more
discouraged than ever.

We weren't ready to give up, though.

That's when I saw it – an ad for lightsaber toys right there in my Facebook feed.

I remember I was just a 14-year-old kid when the first Star Wars film, "Episode IV - A New Hope," graced the silver screen.

And since I fell in love with the Star Wars universe.

I’ve always dreamt of owning a lightsaber when I was a kid, but my parents couldn't afford to buy me one…

But that’s a different story.

When I saw this ad, skepticism washed over me initially.

Could a toy recapture the wonder of those bygone days and help me have fun with my grandkids again?

I got curious and started looking through reviews and testimonials about them…

To my surprise, the internet was abuzz with praise for this brand, called SaberMasters.

Countless customers shared their stories of how these lightsabers had rekindled the magic of imagination and playtime.

A flicker of hope ignited within me...

Could this be the bridge between generations I was seeking?

With cautious optimism, I decided to give it a shot.

I placed the order for the SaberMasters lightsabers - I ordered two.

When the package arrived, anticipation crackled in the air as we unboxed the lightsabers, feeling the weight of possibility in our hands.

That’s was the turning point of this summer; our journey through time and space began!

With the SaberMasters lightsabers in hand, we reenacted epic battles, created our own stories, and dove into the cinematic wonder of Star Wars.

Movie marathons turned our living room into a home theater, complete with popcorn and shared laughter.

Backyard nights were transformed into Jedi training camps, lightsabers casting vibrant glows in the warm evening air.

Together, we dressed as our favorite characters, igniting a sense of camaraderie and imagination that transcended generations.

The ultimate highlight?

It wasn't just about lightsabers;

it was about reconnecting with one another, finding joy in the simplest moments, and sharing a bond that spans galaxies.

This summer, the lightsabers from SaberMasters weren't just toys...

They were instruments of connection, bridging the gap between generations and reminding us all that sometimes, the most magical moments are the ones we create together.

As the sun sets on this unforgettable season, our hearts are full, and the force of family and love has never felt stronger.

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These glowy toys really changed so many lifes...
over 20 000 to be exact!

4.9/5 Stars

For fans of all ages…
Bought for my 11 year old, his 70 year old grandpa was over joyed to join in!

Miranda W.

First lightsabers and I couldn't be happier.
They are lightweight, sturdy and easy to use. Can change the blades to many different colours meaning you have lights of cosplay options.
Must-have for anyone looking to buy a lightsaber!!

Josh C.

This is my second set of sabers.
I bought my first two, because my oldest loves star wars, and she always wanted a custom lightsaber.
I was impressed with the quality and weight. Then my youngest wanted sabers as well. The product and customization is above par.

Derek D.

People are getting them for their friends, kids and even older family members.

I mean, how great is this?!

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