Content Guidelines

Unboxing video

A video of unboxing our product first showing all our brand elements - the box, the greeting card, instructions, etc. After unboxing, describe how the product feels and emphasize the key features of it at first glance. (Basically sharing first impressions). Make sure to express genuine emotions (hopefully positive) when unboxing the lightsabers and using them for the first time. (formats: square (1:1), story (9:16) and horizontal format (16:9)



Testimonial video

Sharing more detailed experiences after using the lightsabers for a while. The video should include these key aspects: what are your favourite features of our product? How do you enjoy using it the most (battling with your friends for example)? But most importantly, how do you feel when using the lightsaber (Describe the feeling of being a Saber Master). During the video you should be showing the product and should mention that you took advantage of the buy 1 get 1 offer. It would be also great if you showcase some of your favourite features during the testimonial. Video length should be around 40-60 seconds. (formats: square (1:1), story (9:16) and horizontal format (16:9)


Product in use videos

High quality videos of you using the lightsabers - battling with other people or showcasing how you swing the saber. It’s important that the sound and video effects can be heard and seen clearly throughout the video. Make sure to make the video under specific lighting that is neither too bright or too dark. (formats: square (1:1) and horizontal format(16:9). Video length should be at least 30 seconds and should include multiple different sound and light settings of the saber.



Customer Reviews

Based on 529 reviews
Christopher McGrew


Fernando Huerta
The best lightsaber ever

It’s the best lightsaber I ever experience. It’s also helping my STAR WARS collection

Matt F
Great Enjoyable Sabers at an Amazing Price!

I am very much enjoying the two sabers I got from Saber Masters. I got one in gold and another in gunmetal and with the adjustable lights my kids can be Jedi or Sith. The sounds are amazing, adjustable in so many ways using the paired app. I can see using these for fun, or in demos with orgs like SaberGuild. The blades are very robust, and the hilts are solid.
Shipping was quick and easy, shipped from within the US!

Aubrey S.

Absolutely love these lightsabers! The sounds are awesome! The customization options to personalize your saber are cool, but I think my favourite part is the motion detection. You can turn the lightsaber on and off by just a flick of your wrist or a jerk of your arm. The sounds it makes when you swing it or hit it on something make it feel so real!

Grey G.

Omg my friends and I had saber fights for hours and not even a scratch was on those blades :) and they’re super light so the saber staff is light

Fernando H.

It’s the best lightsabers I ever had. Great sound, color lights, fonts, rechargeable makes it even better than other ones that need AAA batteries

Abbas A.

I play with my niece every single time

Craig G.

Look real feel real and sound incredible. Would buy again!

Andrew K.

They don’t break, and they are easy to use

Adrian O.

Great swords! Great selection of sounds and colors