5 Ways To Prepare Better For Dueling

5 Ways To Prepare Better For Dueling

So you bought your first lightsabеr, practiced some moves and you probably think you’re ready to start duelling. Right? Not so fast. Don’t fall victim to the Dark Force, or you might lose an arm or two in the process. Don’t become another Luke Skywalker… You have to be prepared. 

Follow our 5 tips to optimize your dueling experience and you’ll be a shoo-in to defeat all your foes.

1. Ensure you have a solid grade lightsaber

Before starting any duels, you want to make sure you have a solid grade lightsaber that won’t shatter first thing on impact. If your lightsaber feels like a cheap plastic toy than it’s likely not meant for dueling. Our sabers are made from the highest quality materials and can withstand even the longest of sparring sprees, which makes them ideal for dueling.

2. Safety first

Even though (sadly) you won’t be able to cut through doors with these lightsabers, dueling is a combative sport and can become dangerous if you’re not well-prepared. Before you start your duel, you want to consider the following things:
  • Make sure you stretch beforehand so you don’t accidentally pull a muscle.

  • Wear protective equipment like gloves, paddings, helmets and eye protection like goggles to avoid serious injuries. 

  • Duel in an open space where you can move freely.

  • Expect to leave with a few bruises – it’s a combative sport, after all.

  • Learn the rules and apply them, even if you’ve made them up, so you don’t end up poking out someone’s eye out due to negligence. 

3. Join a club 

If you’re new to the sport, the best way to learn how to duel is to join a club. Just search for one on the internet and you should find some near your area. There you can see how the real Jedi Masters do it and you can follow in their footsteps. 

4. Learn the basics

After you’ve joined a club, it is time to learn the basics of lightsaber dueling. 
  • Stances - lightsaber dueling is largely based on fencing with additional combative sport moves, so it’s a good idea to follow some fencing rules when you duel. You need to have a firm stance when dueling. Bend a little in your knees and move your dominant leg forward – this will keep you from falling when taking hits. Try not to cross your feet too often, especially when you’re moving fast or you might trip. Move with your dominant leg forwards to keep the moment when attacking your foe.
  • Defend and block enemy attacks - a great deal of fighting happens when you’re defending and blocking enemy attacks. You can either deflect an attack to your left or right and above your head – those are the three main defensive positions. When you master these three you can move to more elaborate ones, where you defend while moving. 
  • Attack - attacks are always the most fun part when dueling. Here, there are several parts of the body you want to aim for. These are at the shoulders, the knees, from below towards the crotch area, from above towards the head, and through the heart, figuratively speaking of course. 

5. Find a sparring partner

The best way to learn is through practice. Find a sparring partner that you can polish all your moves with and once you feel confident enough, you can even join tournaments hosted by your club. 

And there you have it, 5 practical tips to optimize your duelling experience. May the Force be with you! 

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